Parents possess huge potentials to make a difference to the world. How they raise children will significantly impact their children’s future and shape the next generation. Even outside their home, their choices and actions at all levels – from voting in a congressional election to community discussions – will have an influence to the society.

In line with my belief, Your Parentology conveys essential thoughts and insights to parents, potential parents, and anyone who wish to bring positive impacts to children and the next generation. Most blog articles fall into one of the following categories:

  1. My thoughts and ideas on how to help children fulfill their potential, such as how to let children play and boosts children’s abilities, how to raise bilingual children, and how to nurture young children’s scientific mind;

  2. My experiences on Japan, Arab, its religion (Islam and Christianity), and other countries that I want everyone to know; and

  3. My insights on economics, economic policies, and finance that I want all parents to know.

In Kenroku-en, an old Japanese garden in Kanazawa, Japan

In Kenroku-en, an old Japanese garden in Kanazawa, Japan