About Me

I’m originally from Japan and currently living in Amman, Jordan since 2018 with my Egyptian-American husband and two children, after residing in Washington DC for ten years.

Ever since I had my child, I learned and have been impressed with how play, hands-on experiences, and age-appropriate learnings in early childhood impact and shape a child’s future. That finding pushed me to work as an assistant teacher (or a cooperative parent) at my children’s preschools, and I had valuable and joyful experiences playing children and helping them to grow.

As a Japanese expatriate, I have strived to teach children of my own and my community  Japanese culture and language as their heritage, believing that learning their heritage language and culture will help them understand who they are.

My husband and I raise two young children with Arab heritage, and I see enormous challenges in having children of my own and my peers take pride in their identity in the era when misunderstanding over Arab and Islam is rampant.

I studied natural science (biology) in college prior to majoring in economics for my graduate study. My love of science and nature is still a big part of myself and I’m keen in sharing the joy of science and wonder of nature with children.